Wednesday, May 05, 2004

happiness in slavery

the eerie thing about working in a big corporate building is how uniform the floors are. not completely exact, but enough to give you a strange deja vu sensation if you happen to use a bathroom on a different floor than the one you're normally wasting your life on.

still debating this Asia Society thing. it's $15 for *each* night. do i really want to shell out an extra $15 to see Shii Ann from Survivor and possibly shake her bony hand of death? and how depressing will it be...?

"The weekend of stories explores the varying notions of community, the highs and lows of love in an urban landscape, and the struggles of individuals who have chosen to build and maintain a creative career."

Am I just going to want to shoot myself hearing about how everybody *else* in the community has accomplished so much more than I have? It's like watching a parade of people who are on the Dean's List. Meanwhile, I'm trying to scrape up a 2.5 average...

It'd be one thing if C. were going, but she's got schedule conflicts on both nights. I been trying to drag Christofah with me, but he can only go to one night. AND I CANNOT GO ALONE!!! I NEED THE PROTECTION OF A POSSE AT SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!!

If you're reading this and I know you and I'm not enemies with you and you're Asian and you're not performing in this damn thing, you may be receiving a desperate phone call from me in the next day or two as I try to not go to this thing alone... you have been warned...


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