Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Final Countdown

Last week of work on a gig that lasted way longer than expected. In terms of day job days, this has been the busiest year since I started picking up film accounting gigs. Jumped from The Knick Season 2 to The Wizard of Lies with maybe a 2-3 week break. Thought I'd be done with the Wiz before Thanksgiving. It's been a real gradual wrap, which has been great because the hours have been way easier, the pressure's off and I'm getting paid for a longer stretch.

And on my last day of work, I get to see a new STAR WARS movie. In 3D IMAX, no less.

I could not be more hyped for this goddamn movie.

At work on Friday, I was just watching Force Awakens interviews with JJ and the cast on You Tube. And then I went home and watched MORE.

I wasn't the biggest Star Wars fan growing up. I was more into Indiana Jones. Even with episodes 4-6, I thought the saga had the potential to be greater than it was. The prequels faltered. But I feel like the new trilogy has the potential to be unbelievable.

Just gotta avoid an onslaught of spoilers as the rest of the world sees the movie this week...


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