Friday, October 30, 2015

Kid Cudi Wears a Guns N' Roses T-Shirt

I tell you what, Kid Cudi has been a pretty cool replacement for Reggie Watts on COMEDY BANG BANG. And here he is performing wearing a GNR t-shirt!

TGIF, animals!

October is dying. A lot of friends I used to see before they started reproducing are having birthdays right around now.

The film I've been working on as a day job finished shooting last week. I've still got a month or more for wrap and it appears that I'm getting a promotion at the very end — which I've been reluctant about pursuing for a really long time as I'm always skittish when day jobs begin to resemble career paths. But it's a significant pay bump right before I dive into unemployment for a spell, and I've been doing the work already so... it's good. Not quite enough to salvage this disastrous year but you take what you can get sometimes.

This fucking year...

I can't believe we're looking down the barrel of November already.


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