Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Aftermath of the Return of the Jedi

So there's a possibility that Han Solo has become an "urban legend" in THE FORCE AWAKENS.

What gets me is, everything seems so hunky dory at the end of RETURN OF THE JEDI, I cannot imagine these people breaking up and losing touch with one another!

Granted, my own personal life has proven how easy it is for good friends and family to bust apart and lose contact... but the end of ROTJ is the classic "happily ever after" portrait... You figure they’ve all just got years of Space BBQs and happy times ahead of them!

Maybe Luke signs up with a dating site to meet women in the galaxy who are not related to him. Maybe they get together every year on Life Day — the Solo kids are climbing all over Chewie while Han and Leia nag Luke about how he’s had enough Space Whiskey for one night and maybe he should find a nice girl, settle down, get back into Moisture Farming even.


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