Saturday, October 03, 2015

October Illusions

Feeling better -- but not.

Had so many tests taken at the gastroenterologist on Wednesday. Had a camera prodded into my stomach -- through my nose. Nothing looked out of sorts. No word on results of any other tests yet.

Still running to the lavatory far too often, but I can also be serene for hours. Not being able to predict which hours those are going to be is the larger grievance. It's been a week since I've had a drop of booze, which is the longest I've been without booze all summer long... what a fucking fucked up summer...

Colonoscopy scheduled for October 14th! I'll probably lose my health insurance in about two months, so I need to get this all fixed before then...!

My nightmare gig is circling the drain. Or at least we're close to the end of the shooting, though this coming week should be a doozy. After this nightmare ends... not sure about any new nightmares... I need a break...

Trying to finish a script this weekend... more soon...


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