Monday, September 16, 2013

Breakfast Bad


So, Walt Junior didn't take the news about his dad too well and we were treated to a treasure trove of mewling Flynn shots.  I honestly thought he'd take his dad's side, since he's blindly defended his dad, and he likes the rad cars that drug money can buy.  But no, he quickly flipped on his old man.  I really thought Skyler was about to get (accidentally) iced in this one.  Flynn actually ends up defending his "stupid bitch" mother and calling the cops on Walt Sr.  So much for family...

I guess the justification for not giving us a clear resolution of the gunfight in the last episode was to give us a little more time to weigh the circumstances and outcome in this episode.  I'm glad Hank got iced.  I'm glad Hank watched Walt give up everything trying to save his life before he got iced.  Walt gave up all his money for nothing.

Once Hank's dead, the family thing sort of flies out the window.  You see Walt die.  It was crazy seeing Walt turn on Jesse that completely... but seriously, Jesse *totally* jacked things up!  I don't want to broken-record this but 1) there's no way Jesse could have figured out everything he figured out just because Huell palmed his weed, 2) there's no way Jesse should have rationalized teaming up with Hank, 3) Jesse teaming up with Hank created this scenario that led to Hank's death.

It's late.  I've been sick all weekend.  More thoughts later.


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