Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rise of the RoboWasp

So, there's this Guillermo del Toro movie coming out next year called PACIFIC RIM (aka "PacRim"), about a future where mankind builds these massive robots (called "Jaegers", which is what they were drinking when they thought up this idea) to combat these giant monsters that keep attacking San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

Since sometime this past summer, there's been a bit of a wasp problem in the hallway outside our apartment door. I've no idea where they've been coming from. Somewhere in the walls? I'd kill all the wasps and the next day there'd be three new ones waiting to greet me. Like they were just lining up to get killed.

In any case, I was thinking about the premise of PACRIM and imagined what would happen if these fucking wasps got their hive together and built a human-sized ROBO-WASP to combat the guy who kept killing them. And then I drew the crude depiction above with the idea that I'd get someone with stronger drawing skills to do a better version for me.

If there was a knock on my door and it turned out to be a human-sized, avenging Mecha-Wasp — filled with ACTUAL wasps — with stingerhands, I'd probably urinate just a little.


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