Sunday, December 02, 2012

December Wasteland

The right trigger on my PS3 controller has been loose for a while now. Sunday afternoon, I was browsing through Amazon looking at the cost of new controllers while understanding that the fix for this common issue could save me about $30 if I could just accept the risk of cracking open my PS3 controller and replacing a tiny cheap spring that had broken.

Sparing you the details, I ended up busting open my controller and replaced the spring with one I fashioned from the spring of a fucking pen I'd stolen from a fucking bar at some point in the past year. Easier said than done.

And then I proceeded to waste an embarrassing, irresponsible number of hours struggling to reassemble the controller.

The take-away? Time is precious and I've an incredible ability to piss it away on frivolous procrastination projects.

But hey, the right trigger on my PS3 controller is working a lot tighter now.


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