Sunday, October 07, 2012

Persistence of Vision

When you can't afford to replace things, that's when they break down. (Because there is no god.) Alas, some things need to be replaced no matter what, which is why I now have a Droid 4. Looking forward to upgrading to a Droid 6 in two years.

Second week of October 2012 begins and the radio silence is heartbreaking. WINTER'S COMING— don't they know that?! We need a sale. We need a setup at a studio. We need a plan for the future.

We need a sign that something's happening. That we're not going to remain stuck in this fucking holding pattern until the end of days.

I know this works out eventually. Because I will never stop fighting to get this career off the ground. I CAN'T STOP.

But I need something right now. I need something before Thanksgiving drops like an H-bomb.


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