Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gun Control

The days are so long on this gig, I can barely keep my eyes open at times. I blink and my eyes want to stay shut. They stick closed as if fighting against some increasingly viscous adhesive.

November. Midpoint of November. Next week, we are already staring down the barrel of Thanksgiving. This year is rapidly, relentlessly drawing to a close. So much I want to do, NEED to do, and I feel like I am fucking sleepwalking.

Trying to shake this off.

Cannot succumb to the never-ending waiting game. Got to keep working on new material. We have no control over the things we have no control over. Need to keep moving forward.

November. I wish I could relax into the comforting stupor of the holiday season like everybody else but it's just a reminder of everything I needed set up by now. 2012 goals yet to be met. No positive spin. It is maddening. It is frustrating.

But it just means we work a little harder.

Every day is Anything-Can-Happen Day.


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