Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Try to Keep My Hands from Shaking

I know this has read like the rantings of a lunatic for a while now. I am attempting to reform my ways.

This past weekend, Friday through Monday, was a blur. Heavier than heaven and hell. Highs and lows and misunderstandings and... maybe the hope for some better times ahead. It's early yet. Victory, for me, is remaining in the moment.

I know, this is all so terribly oblique.

Trying to be better to myself. Two consecutive days of heavy drinking can really wreak havoc on my internals. Some of this rough lifestyle has started to catch up with me. Several of my key internal organs are holding union meetings, discussing whether or not they should strike. Can't afford for this machine to break down.

I need to sleep better and part of that is living more proper. At least for most of the week.


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