Friday, November 04, 2011

67 pages.

Let's get this straight. 67 pages is NOT a full-length screenplay.

Oh sure, I have a few scenes left. Pad some of that dialogue and where will that land me? 75 pages?

This isn't a fucking animated movie, goddammit.

Jesus titty-fucking Christ.

It's Friday. I had a feeling this one was going to run short. It was heading in that direction weeks ago. I mean, there's plenty of room to flesh out and refine and build up along the way. It's just that the story's fucking short.

Okay, back up. Put my thing down, flip it and reverse it.

NOTE TO SELF: Finish up those final scenes. Go through the whole thing again from page 1, fixing and fleshing out as well as you can in one day.

Then. Perhaps as a sign of faith. Share it with the producer with a preface/disclaimer/explanation email cover. Then it becomes a discussion about what to focus on instead of just, "Where the hell is this script...??"

You can do this, Malice.



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