Friday, October 28, 2011

Revenge of Steve Jobs

Like the killer from the SAW movies, Steve Jobs will continue his important work from beyond the grave. He has set up a series of elaborate traps in his hardware that will make you appreciate life better if they don't kill you painfully.

Okay not exactly. (Although I trust his ultimate Master Plan may yet prove to be more insidious.) Actually, he just had this idea for changing the way you watch TV. Honestly, I don't want to have to talk to my television. Can we not do this one?

If you haven't read this, I encourage you to read about the latest changes to Netflix. (It's a joke, btw.)

DirecTV may be dropping FX and the National Geographic Channel on November 1. (In addition to a bunch of other Fox stations, though those are the only two I care about.) If you watch any shows on FX, showrunners have recorded special announcements warning about how many new episodes you will miss if this happens. I've only had DirecTV for a few months and the channel lineup has been volatile. I had to watch the first half of the most recent season of BREAKING BAD in Standard Def before they reinstated AMC HD. G4 is still off the lineup. Now this. (Although I arguably have bigger problems to face right now beyond missing a few tee-vee shows.)

Last night, I hit a red carpet kick-off party for some little film festival. Tonight, I gotta hit a birthday party. Tomorrow night, some big Halloween bash I bought into. Sunday night, a going away party for a friend. That is a lot of consecutive nights of drinking. There is such a thing as too much. I wish I could break this up into two weeks' worth of activities.

Play dangerously this weekend, folks.


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