Friday, October 14, 2011

The Laws of Other Worlds

I'd like to generate a proper post about my experiences over the past week. Three days shooting background for The Bourne Legacy. Thing about an experience like that, there are a lot of ways to tell the story. There are the fragments of anecdotes I've already shared with people over drinks. There's the David Sedaris THIS AMERICAN LIFE version. And then there's this blog.

It's approaching two days since I finished shooting and it already feels like I dreamed the whole ordeal. It was exhausting and humbling and even a little exciting in unexpected ways. Going through it, I couldn't wait until it was over. Since it ended, I kind of miss the pain of it all. It's been surprisingly jarring to reacclimate to the unique indignities of my regular life. It's like, for three days I swapped my everyday troubles for the troubles of another person's life. Now that I'm back, I'm left wondering... did that change anything?

I'll post properly about the experience soon. Just to purge it from my system.


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