Thursday, September 29, 2011

Malice and the Magic Metrocard

So, I was trudging through Port Authority Wednesday morning, making my anonymous trek toward the gym, when this lady approached me. I thought she was going to ask for directions to somewhere but instead... she had a gift.

"Do you want this...?"

She held up a Metrocard. What I assumed was the remainder of an unlimited 7-day Metrocard.

"I am leaving," she continued, in a vaguely Spanish(?) accent. "It is good until... Friday, Saturday."

Usually when strangers approach me, I have an automatic NO that I'm waiting to dole out. And when I'm making my trek toward the gym, I generally don't want to talk to ANYBODY. But the remainder of an unlimited 7-day Metrocard... since I've walked away from the regular 9-5 day-job, I don't remember the last time I possessed an unlimited Metrocard.

I smiled at her. What was clearly an abomination of an attempt at a human smile. And I thanked her profusely for her random act of kindness.

So basically... I'm taking this to mean a good sign... a sign for better things to come in the near future... SO SAY WE ALL.


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