Monday, October 03, 2011

Angelika Film Center Popcorn

The best movie theater popcorn in NYC is at the Angelika Film Center. Not too greasy or salty or bland. It's just right.

When I got to college in the early 90s, I loved the Angelika. It showed all these movies that I didn't have access to in the suburbs. Went to the Angelika often through college and years after. And at a certain point, I kinda stopped. They employ a poor queue technique, only allowing people in about 5 minutes before showtimes, creating awkward snaking lines. The theater screens aren't that big and you're periodically treated to the rumbling sound of subway trains.

All that given, I stopped by there Friday afternoon and, on impulse, caught a showing of Take Shelter. Just to take a trip down memory lane. The whole experience, complete with the sounds of trains bleeding through the walls, was sort of charming. I liked the movie. And the popcorn was perfect.


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