Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Sadder But Wiser Girl

Is it possible for me to be growing more antisocial?

I don't think that's quite it. But I do think there is some pressure to get coupled up. Because the world is filled with couples. The majority of your friends are couples. And the Couple Industrial Complex would just like to see you find something nice.

I feel like the past 12 months, I've taken a long review of the situation. I've dated more and flirted with the idea of being in a longer relationship. And I've come to appreciate, now more than ever, that you don't need to be in a serious relationship to be a complete human being. The fact is, it's hard to concentrate on the thought of dating while I'm so preoccupied with my career. It feels like the make or break summer. There's movement and promise and activity. It feels like I'm on the verge of something. But until some good news becomes flesh, dating seems a little frivolous right now.

I don't want to be with some girl just to be with some girl. It's *fun* to play house—some people pursue relationships JUST to play house... but I want something more.


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