Saturday, April 05, 2008

Yeah, I'm a Wild One

Gonna keep it swingin, baby—
I'm a real wild child!

10 things I can't wait to do in the "fake NYC" of Grand Theft Auto IV:
  1. Steal an NYPD cruiser, take it for a spin through Central Park.
  2. Visit my old office building, start beating people to death outside.
  3. Pick up hooker, pay to have sex with hooker, beat hooker to death, take hooker's money.
  4. Get a good knife, start blinding horses.
  5. Steal candy from children. Then their innocence.
  6. Ride fake-subway without paying for a Metrocard.
  7. Buy a nice house with my earnings from petty muggings.
  8. Go clothes shopping.
  9. Not visit fake-Brooklyn.
  10. Visit myself in my current apartment, watch myself playing the game.
Of course, my broad plan is to kill as many innocent people as I possibly can. For hours on end.

(In the videogame.)


Check out IMDB being presumptuous. (Thanks to Falcon for the heads-up.)


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