Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nobody Gets Too Much Heaven No More

A pall settles in the office.

A sense of surrender.

It's oddly infectious.

I shouldn't let it get to me. I've no stake in this job. It is a simple temp job. Something to get me by until other things get me by.

And yet, being surrounded by people who have no immediate prospects waiting for them... I feel that low rumble of panic. A sense of dread. Of something dreadful about to happen.

It would help if there was any information. It would make it easier to know how much time we had left. But that seems to be a luxury in the corporate world. Or at least in this department. Though I was away from this job for over a year, I worked here for over 6 years. Whether you're a manager or a lowly op, when they axe you they like to axe you without warning.

Of course, my future's as uncertain as anyone else's here, if not more so. Difference is, I never intended to be working here much longer. Choice is a big difference.


Um... in other news, holy shit!
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