Thursday, March 27, 2008

The First Cut is the Deepest

Wednesday was a day of firsts for me:

The first time I've had a significant press mention for film.

And the first time I've been fired from a day job.

"I'm sure you saw this coming," the manager said, smiling as he closed his office door. "We're cutting you."

Well, no, I didn't really see it coming. Aside from the fact that the company had been sold off in a very public fire sale the other week, and the company name had quickly become synonymous with "epic fail" in the press. An ENRON-esque cautionary tale.

Plus, there'd been almost no work in my department the past two weeks.

I guess it's not as bad as being fired for performance issues. Everyone knew I was only there on a temporary basis—a stay protracted by the writers strike. That status made it an easier decision to cut me, I'm sure.

It was a Fucked-Company. Very loudly fucked. I didn't fuck it up. They didn't have security escort me out or anything. My last day ended just like any other day there: a few minutes to 6pm, I packed up my shit and walked out the door, voluntarily.

I ought to be more chipper over this. Buzz on my project is out there—for the nameless, faceless, bitter, lunatic "fanboys" to eviscerate based on as little evidence as possible.

[Preemptive note to people like Nick Gaffney and Ben Orozco: DO NOT forward me links to negative articles about my project(s) because you think I might find them amusing. Not that you would, of course. But, you know... don't. Thanks in advance.]

Fact is, I'm in this unfortunate patch of time right before everything's taken off. A lean period, post-writers strike, where I'm not sure when my next meal is coming.

So yes, it's a bummer I lost my day job. I was hoping to have it at least until I got the writing thing going again. And I don't think I was back there long enough to qualify for any kind of unemployment (< 6 months). In a few weeks, if things don't pick up, I may need to consider sniffing around the temping world.

But for a little while, I've really just got to try to put all this negative bullshit behind me. Focus on the writing. That's all I've been fucking working for anyway.
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