Friday, April 04, 2008

Childhood Friends and the Dreams We Had

Oh, you poor, poor lurkers. This week, you've suffered an inexplicably lengthy review of I THINK I LOVE MY WIFE, blog template re-jiggering, HULU videos and a very detailed account of a problem with my television. It's enough to make you question why you even bother to visit here, isn't it...?

ANSWER ME!!! Why won't you look at me?!

I've got to admit, as uncertain as everything is, I have enjoyed my first week back at... doing nothing.

Well, I haven't exactly done nothing. I finished a little polish of my tv pilot for my agents to peruse. And I've created some lovely new animated gifs.

Here's a wallet-sized version:

My mind feels clearer, not being tied down to the desk job. A few things I'd like to focus on over the next number of months...

Butcherhouse Chronicles (revision)
All Goodbyes Should Be Sudden

Spec Features:
The Midnight Show (revision)
Dystopia (revision)
One Bedroom (working title)

It seems unlikely that I'll finish all of those, but that's why I'm listing them here now. To make myself feel bad.

And in the unlikely event that I manage to scrounge up the discipline to finish all of those scripts before the year's out... well then, cocaine and hookers all around then, eh?

"A round of appletinis says you barely finish ONE of those in the next six months," prattled the Gay Horse. "You average frustrated breeders are all the same! And WHERE THE FUCK HAVE I BEEN?!?"

Unemployment Shuffled 5:
1. "Stay Together for the Kids", Blink-182
2. "Glory Box", Portishead
3. "You're So Great", Blur
4. "I Hate Myself for Loving You", Joan Jett
5. "When Jokers Attack", Brian Jonestown Massacre

Fucked Company Bonus:
"Can't Smile Without You", Barry Manilow

My mom's birthday today. May she never find this blog.


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