Friday, April 25, 2008

NYCC: End Game

Large Anime-Yoda Statue surveys the crowds as we close out our 2008 New York Comic-Con coverage here on Misanthropy Central.

Today, I finish milking an afternoon's worth of cell-phone pics.

Just look at the illustrious autographing schedule, would you? (There were maybe two people on this board who I knew by name.)
The lines for autographs were long. (We stayed clear of them like dog shit, but we did spot the irrepressible Lou Ferrigno—taking a break from his day job.)
The real life Yoda walked among us.

Mountains of collectors toys.

I admit, if I had a lot of disposable cash and storage space, I'd be such a sucker for that plastic bullshit.

I was tempted to get a Gizmo backpack, but resisted the urge, knowing that I'd never want to court a beat-down by actually wearing it anywhere.



Today, I'm trying out a semi-weekly work-together in Williamsburg, Crooklyn.

Later on, I'm meeting with a manager who's interested in me. I'm not necessarily looking for a manager in addition to my agents... but I'm so fucking lonely I'm willing to meet ANYBODY who's interested in me.


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