Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cry for Help

Okay. I need help, okay?

"Grand Theft Auto IV" is wayyy too much of everything.

For those who aren't playing: you can WATCH TELEVISION in the game.

Holed up in my apartment with my big tv, I can make my videogame character hole himself up in his virtual apartment and watch his television. They actually created programming for different channels in this world.

You can also have him surf the fake-internet in the game. They created a fake internet.

In the game, I have a girlfriend. Her name is Michelle and she likes me for me.

The level of detail in this game is just staggering. I've barely scratched the surface. Haven't even gotten to play online because the multiplayer functionality has been fucked, no doubt overloaded by the sheer numbers of people.

There were lines to buy it midnight Monday. I waited till Tuesday morning, wanting to avoid the lines... but there was STILL a line to buy it!

I literally didn't do anything except play this game on Tuesday.

Wednesday. I can't touch the game today. I need to set some boundaries, at least for right now. I don't want the game to ruin my life. (What there is of it.)


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