Thursday, December 27, 2007

Under a Cherry Moon

Taking Monday the 31st off from work, motherfuckers.

Yeah, you heard right.

Do I really need this day off?

"NO!" said the Gay Horse. "You don't even have any New Year's Eve plans, loser!"

"NO!" said the Average Frustrated Raccoon. "You need the money, asshole!"

"NO!" said the Escaped Tiger. "Work will be quiet and they will dismiss you early, shit-for-brains!"

Well, I say...


The first day off that I've specifically requested since being forced back on the factory line.

No, it's not especially difficult work. Not exactly heavy lifting. Rather, it's a daily endurance test. To get through a 10-hour stretch of day without losing your mind. I've been back for over a month now and I'm remembering how easy it is to lose focus. To not touch that script-in-progress for days on end. To get home and pass out early, sleep through till morning to start the nowhere cycle all over again.

I say, ENOUGH!

... for a little 5-day patch, at least. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. An oasis to recharge. Get some more writing done. I've been back over a month and it already fucking feels like I never left. Like the past year of writing full time was a bleeding dream.

Like the Horse said, I've no concrete New Year's Eve plans. I don't feel particularly inclined to be somewhere I'll be subjected to a bunch of couples kissing @ the stroke of mid. Even (especially?) if they're friends of mine. There's nothing quite so insulting as other people's happiness, round this time of year.

The saddest thing? My TREO calendar informs me that the only date of note coming up is Nick Gaffney's birthday on January 4th.

Ain't that a kick in the head?


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