Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Seasons Greetings (from Hell)

Birthday salutations to everyone who's turning the big Three-Ohhh today. You know who you fucking are, don't make me say it.

Everyone enjoying your holiday cards this year? My agents @ Paradigm sent me TWO *IDENTICAL* cards. Should I be offended by this? Is it, in fact, more of a slight that I am so low on their radar that they didn't catch this obvious clerical error?

I'm just dreading the possibility of them calling me before the year's out to "check in" with where I am with the phantom spec script I've been yammering about.

Got a card from "my friends" at Paramount. Much better than the one I got from them last year, complete with fake sigs from people I've never met. Still, I'll settle for the illusion of having friends any day. (And he does!, interjected the Gay Horse, hiding in the wings.)

Wrote pitiably little last night. Maybe a handful of sentences. I get hung up on the stupidest, simplest descriptions...

The doors that connect subway cars to each other. Through which you can (used to be able to) pass through to an adjacent car, if you happened to be stuck in a car that was too crowded or had an unpleasant stench. THOSE DOORS, what are they? They're not "emergency exit doors", are they? Merely "subway doors" implies the regular, automatic sliding doors that serve as the ingress/egress. "Doors at the end of the subway car" is so inelegant, too.

How about the booths in subway stations? I guess they used to be referred to as "token booths", back when you had to queue up to purchase a packet of tokens. So, what... "subway station booth"?

THIS is the cockamamie bull-dookie that I can waste an hour on. This is (part of) my hell.

Man, this year is certainly fizzling out on an anticlimax...


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