Friday, December 28, 2007

All the Old Paintings on the Tombs

Nothing like a day to catch up. Laundry in the basement. Sort out the Fortress a bit. Long overdue haircut. Bills paid a hair before their due dates. Restock the fridge. Get some clothes to the dry cleaners, if I'm feeling particularly ambitious. Things to do to start the new year with a slightly cleaner slate (if not an entirely clean one).

We are sitting by the deathbed of 2007. Feeding tube is out. Certainly did crash hard, didn't it?

My 32nd birthday is coming on fast after New Year's. I creep toward my mid-30s. The annual debate whether or not to do anything at all. I always seem to be on uncertain ground around this time of year, so it's hard to feel like celebrating. Last year, I was unsure how the Paramount project would progress—it ended up progressing very well, but around this time last year I didn't know what was going to happen.

In theory, I ought to just keep a positive attitude about "it all", and have something somewhere. It's just that the dreaded guest list always turns into a weird political affair. Which is why I try not to blog about it, whether I end up having one or not.

"It's Emma's birthday on the 30th, asshole," spat the Gay Horse. "How bout one last 2007 shuffle of the iPod, for her sake? Is that the absolute LEAST you could do, crybaby?"

Emma Wunsch Shuffled 5:
1. "Queen of Apology", The Sounds
2. "The First Taste", Fiona Apple
3. "What If", Coldplay
4. "Mrs. Leroy Brown", Loretta Lynn
5. "Now (And Then)", Billy Corgan

Emma Gaffney Bonus
"Mourning Air", Portishead


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