Sunday, October 02, 2016

Cracked iPhone Screen

This iPhone 6+ is my first and only iPhone. I was really trying to get the one with the largest HD space at the time but it was near impossible, so I eventually relented and got the second largest HD. It's been great. I wish I could take an unlimited amount of video without worrying about space, but it's been great.

And then this past Thursday night, I dropped it on the ground as I was heading home. Not even the worst drop -- but it somehow hit a sweet shatter spot and the screen blossomed with cracks.

My first shattered screen.

Are iPhones designed to shatter if you own them too long?

Because honestly, the new 7's are out and I went home to investigate how much it would set me back to upgrade to a 7. Turns out, it would cost me a FUCKLOAD, esp. to upgrade to the model I'd want, 52 days short of my upgrade eligibility.

Fortunately, there is an entire industry out there to fix cracked iPhone screens.

In fact, there were so many I wasn't sure which one to use.

This ended up being the perfect place:

iPhone Screen Repair Expert NYC.

Good as new. Better than new. Saved me a ton of money.


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