Monday, August 22, 2016

Gawker Has a Posse

January 2003 - August 2016

Don't know if this will become a dead link soon but this is the final post on Gawker:


I was a fan of Gawker. It was one of my daily websites. Refresh-multiple-times-a-day websites.

Back in their old commenting system, I was even a starred commenter, which was something that meant something for a time.

It's kind of amazing and horrifying that they pissed off a billionaire who actually managed to get them shuttered.

I'm glad that some key Gawker Media sites like i09 will remain in operation. Gawker was a fucking institution. And then Hulk Hogan had sex with Bubba the Love Sponge's wife... and Gawker took the bait of that video footage...

Who would have thought that HULK HOGAN and BUBBA THE FUCKING LOVE SPONGE would have become the demise of Gawker?

It's just sort of crazy to think this website's gone. Gawker's been around since around when I started this blog!

(I know I don't update too regularly but this blog has been around for a FUCKING LONG TIME!)


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