Monday, July 25, 2016


Saturday night, I saw Guns N' Roses featuring Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan perform on a stage together.

3 originating members of the rock band.

I have seen Axl perform as GNR with other musicians.

I have seen Slash perform the music of GNR with other musicians. This is my first time seeing these people play together on one stage.

Reunited as older men, they perform these songs they wrote when they were young and stupid and filled with aggression.

Some video I shot of the opening and closing:

Guns N' Roses: Not in this Lifetime Tour Clips from MPH on Vimeo.

It was Slash's birthday but aside from a tossed off comment from Axl, there were no special birthday surprises.

Duff sported this Prince symbol on his bass, though there was no big musical Prince homage.

It was pretty spectacular, all in all. The band got on stage right on time and played the hell out of their set. I'm so familiar with GNR shows, there were no huge surprises, but it was just sort of awesome to FINALLY see these people on one stage.


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