Thursday, April 07, 2016

2015 Taxes: COMPLETE!

Everything's submitted to my accountant this evening, at least. Who knows when it'll actually get done, though I have to say their office is a lot more calm than it usually seems around this time of year.

I really dragged my feet getting all my docs together this year. With the time off, I should have been able to get it done faster.

There is something cathartic about handing that shit off. It's all, "Okay, here's everything I've got for you this year. Please make this go away!"

New job set to start on the 18th (possibly 20th?), so I've a little more time before I get back into the chain-gang.

No sign of my wallet. Still hoping it's here somewhere but I had to order replacement cards. Start moving forward with life.

I'm walking to Chinatown tomorrow to have lunch with old coworkers. That'll be... something? I just hope they don't give me any shit for taking this other gig.

April 7. 2016. It's always a big deal for me when I get my taxes done. It's one big thing in the new year that I can clear away. The year is young. I've got to do some good this year.


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