Monday, April 04, 2016

Wallet Interrupted

Went out Saturday night, impromptu. Met someone I don't know that well, to have some drinks with her and her friends. We went to two different venues. Bought a few drinks at both venues, nothing I couldn't handle.

I ended up bouncing early without saying goodbye which is my move.

On the way home, I bought a sandwich at the deli that's right next door to my apartment building. I had my wallet there. It literally takes about three steps to go from that deli register to the interior of my apartment building.

I always put my wallet and keys in the same place when I get home.

I had another drink when I got home. Then I ate my sandwich and went to sleep a little early because I wanted to go to the movies in the morning.

Sunday morning -- right before I was about to head out -- I notice my wallet isn't there. I've got everything else. My iPod. My keys.

Since then, I have been searching my bedroom an apartment looking for this thing.

I checked at the deli downstairs to see if a wallet was found. I'll probably try that again.

I've checked my card activity online and nothing has been used since I last used those cards. Which I guess is a good sign.

A sane person would go about the task of replacing everything. I am stubbornly convinced it has to be somewhere here. I spent all Sunday digging through every possible scenario. Cleaning and upending everything. And I'm just continuing that today.

I've lost my wallet before and retrieved it in far more unlikely scenarios. Several times over the years. I've had this wallet for an incredible amount of time. I'm fighting the creepy sensations of demoralization and depression because of this. I just need to find this thing. It's killing me.


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