Monday, March 28, 2016

Ben Mendelsohn is My Spirit Animal

I watched MISSISSIPPI GRIND recently, solely because of the presence of Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn.

There is something about Ben Mendelsohn that I find infinitely watchable.

He plays these complete loser characters, but he somehow infuses them with a sense of compassion: I can't help but feel for him. Lovable loser, I guess that's a trope. But he takes it to some ethereal level.

You want to hang out with this guy... you want to HELP him. You want to see him catch a break even when you've seen him fall on his face a dozen times.

Even when you've seen him hit ROCKBOTTOM (RENTALS) a dozen times.

It's hard to not feel some empathy for him.

Watching MISSISSIPPI GRIND, I was just thinking, "I could easily just keep watching this actor perform indefinitely."

If you feel the same, I'd recommend "BLOODLINES" on Netflix as an option, though the show may be inherently flawed.

I also admire Ben Mendelsohn because he's just a little bit older. He's been around a while.

Here he is way back in 1990:

(The gif with the annoying text above is something I hashed out in After Effects because I've been overdosing on it. That's my crude, ugly, little 3d text experiment.)


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