Monday, March 21, 2016

Donald Trump is a Big Fat Moron

Donald Trump is obese.

How is it that Donald Trump ridicules fat people and no one points out that Donald Trump is a tub of lard?

It's difficult to find a starting point for criticizing Donald Trump as a presidential candidate because he comes across as a grotesque parody of a presidential candidate.

Racist, xenophobic, misogynistic... and yet somehow worse than all that, he is a fucking willfully-uninformed, endlessly bloviating idiot.

He's like a child delivering a book report who hasn't read the book. And yet insists that he's an expert on the book.

And the low-information voters are coming out in droves to vote him into office so he can build a Death Star over Mexico.

Low-information voters... LIKE MY PARENTS!

Yeah, I haven't seen my dad in over a decade and knowing that he's a Trump supporter makes me feel a lot less guilty about that.

My mom managed to remarry a man who probably has even shittier politics than my dad. They live in a retirement community in Florida. He watches Fox News all day. He bought a rifle because he's afraid the Moos-Luhms are going to break down his door and change the channel.

My mom is a classic low- (no-) information voter.

Eight years ago, she wanted to vote for Hillary because... because Hillary's an old woman and my mom identified with being an old woman?

Sunday morning, I let my mom know that my sister and I are going to be voting for Hillary this election. My mom's response: "Really...? But... what about the emails? And Benghazi?"


When I asked my mom about this -- of course -- she didn't know what "the emails" and "Benghazi" even meant!

They have become fucking keywords that FOX NEWS has brainwashed this older, low-information generation into memorizing as "REASONS WE CAN'T TRUST HILLARY CLINTON".

Really, mom, what about "The Emails" are you concerned about? You barely know how to check your own goddamn email!!! Can you even tell me what you find outrageous about "the emails"?

And "Benghazi"? Do you know anything about Benghazi? Is it just an exotic word that Fox News has trained your husband to equate with both "foreign" and "dangerous"?

My mom isn't even getting her "information" from Fox News -- she's getting it fucking second-hand from the racist, xenophobic cretin she's married to. Second-hand misinformation. It's like less-than-low-informed. It's negative-informed.

And the negatively-informed have created a movement... to prove that democracy is a terrible idea! BECAUSE TOO MANY PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE FUCK THEY'RE DOING.

Donald Trump may be giving hope to the cave-dwellers and cross-burners but I'm really hoping, if he snags the nomination (and the fucking GOP don't even want that! they're treating his runaway success as if their base has decided to write-in vote for the class clown) that there's no way he can win the general election. I know there are a fuckton of stupid people in this country but they can't possibly be the majority...

(... can they...?)


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