Friday, March 18, 2016

Billy Corgan on the reunited Guns N' Roses

From this Rolling Stone interview:
Are you gonna see Guns N' Roses on their reunion tour?

I hope so, yeah.

Are you surprised it's happening?

No. I said five years ago it'll definitely happen. It'll just be when and where.

Why were you so confident?

I just think the band, however you want to quantify it, broke up, or the original lineup didn't endure past a certain point, and the world has changed a lot since then. The band is so great and the music is so great, and the chemistry is such a part of what people love — including me — as a fan. It would seem a crime to not be able to enjoy and appreciate the accomplishment in this era.

I guess my fear is that a show performed by people that don't really like each other might not be very good.

Well, listen, I've been on the other side of this coin, where I've had people demand that I get onstage with, you name it, any number of ex-bandmates because that's what they want and they couldn't care less whether or not you share Christmas cards. And I've staunchly said — much to my own detriment — that the only way that would happen is if we were in a place of love and appreciation for one another. I've taken a lot of shit for that as if somehow I'm ruining somebody's generational memory, but to me, it's true of the value system of the band in that we only did what we truly believed in, even when tons of people told us they didn't like what we were doing.

Remember when I used to post stuff like this on this blog all the time?!

How about we do a "Shuffled 5" on the iPod for old timey's sake, Gay Horse??

Malice-Hasn't-Added-New-Music-In-Years Shuffled 5
1. "Intuition" - Keri Hilson, IN A PERFECT WORLD
2. "Allure" - Jay-Z & DJ Danger Mouse, GRAY ALBUM
3. "All Things Change" - Billy Corgan, THE FUTURE EMBRACE
4. "Ghost" - Neutral Milk Hotel, IN THE AEROPLANE OVER THE SEA
5. "Strayz" - Billy Corgan, THE FUTURE EMBRACE

"Knockin on Heaven's Door" - Guns N' Roses, LIVE IN BOSTON 12.02.02


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