Monday, February 29, 2016

Funemployment 2016 Part 2


Called that unemployment number this morning (855-822-6536). Got a message that due to unusually high caller volume, there were no operators to assist -- so I could try to call back later or leave a voicemail message.

Tried this a few times before leaving a voicemail message.

Tried calling another number I found online (888-209-8124) with an elaborate automated system but got stopped when I couldn't recall the 4-digit pin that I apparently had. Made an appointment for a callback on this issue for tomorrow, Tuesday, at 12:12pm.

Then for the hell of it, I tried calling the original number again just now, about 3:23pm.

This time I got through.

Wasn't a very long wait until I got to speak with a guy. I had my last pay stub so I gave him the name of the company I worked for (Entertainment Partners) and their number. Let him know how much I was earning.

Confirmed that I hadn't worked for anyone else since that gig.

Biddi-bop-biddi-boop. He removed the block on my benefits certification, so I ought to be able to certify for benefits again by tomorrow mourning.

Okay. So I should be able to survive through the next month before my next gig kicks in. Fucking precious.

It is exhausting living on the razor's edge.


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