Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Premiere Party, a Wrap Party and a Wedding

After so many dead weekends, a loaded one.

Friday night, a cast/crew premiere party for Steven Soderbergh's new Cinemax show THE KNICK, at a bar. In Williamsburg. The bar sucked. Expensive cash bar. I used the bar outside our private party room which took credit cards, but the bartenders were terrible and they used some fucking phone app for the credit card. Went to another bar with peeps for after party drinks. (Nothing like the bar after the bar.) Didn't eat beforehand as I'd planned which is not cool (don't drink on an empty stomach, kids), but I made it through unscathed. Took trains home.

Saturday night, a wrap party for the Tina Fey/Amy Poehler movie THE NEST at the McKittrick Hotel. Open bar. Food I didn't really sample, though I had pasta beforehand to cover myself. It was good. Not as many celebrities as I'd hoped. Thought the place would be teeming with SNL cast members, but no. John Leguizamo was there. Some smaller cast members. Managed to dance with/talk to The Girl who I kinda wanted to talk to for approximately 2 seconds.

Did you enjoy working on this job?


I was prepared for this answer from her. I don't know why I didn't follow up. She was dancing with me. I had her right there. Fuck.

After party at a surprisingly quiet bar further down the street. After-after party with movie's producer at... a K-town karaoke bar on 35th Street. Not even my suggestion. Jesus, it was like I've been training for this night for years. Some dumb girl killed one of my songs while I was singing it, I forget which one, but the whole affair was pretty fun, especially considering I didn't know most of the people in the room. Toward the end, one of the girls crossed the room and introduced herself to me. She was flirty. I probably should have played that out further. Maybe I was just stuck on my No-Girl. Me and my fucking Achilles Girls. I walked home.

Sunday, woke up past 10am. I have not woken up past 10am in months. (In over a year?) Have to pull myself together for a wedding in New Jersey. Should be easier than the previous two nights. I'll be surrounded by more familiar faces. Not sure how much I'll be able to do the after party; really depends on how I'm hitching a ride back from this joint.

I've got less than two hours to pull myself together. I didn't actually drink too much last night (for me) but enough to put a dent in me. There should be food at the wedding. I really hope it's fun. All the terrible things that could have happened this weekend would have happened the previous two nights. What could possibly go wrong...?


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