Thursday, August 07, 2014

Sober Night

Tonight is a sober night.

(Is it a sign of a problem if you have to DECLARE a night a "sober night"...? Nahhh...)

This promises to be a hard drinker weekend. Premiere party Friday night, wrap party Saturday night, wedding/party Sunday.

This is an Anything-Can-Happen sort of weekend.

Hence... sober Thursday night.

I realize I didn't post an update but our Project Greenlight short film has been submitted and I... kinda like how it came out. I was worried for a little while; worried we didn't get everything we needed; but at a certain point it all came together. Considering we had no crew, no sound equipment and almost no rehearsal time... I think it looks miraculous. Our actress Audra -- who we'd never even met before -- was ridiculously photogenic and couldn't have been easier to work with. There's something that Tarantino said about filming Michael Madsen; he said he always films Michael Madsen from the perspective of a woman who is completely in love with this man. That's how I tried to film Audra and she... looks... amazing. There's an interesting contrast and tension between her and Chris in the scene.

Anyone can sign up to be a Project Greenlight judge -- it's super easy. Thing is, you get a random selection so I can't just post a link to my submission video and have all my friends vote me up... which I think is good. Because I am terrible at self-promotion, and this shouldn't be a "who has more friends" contest.

(My short can be viewed elsewhere which you can find with a quantum of digging.)

It has been a very strange summer. This should be an interesting weekend.


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