Saturday, March 22, 2014

Meet Ariane: Ubiquitous Stock Photo Model

This is Ariane. She's a stock photo model.

This is Ariane.

This is Ariane.

Ariane is an omnipresent stock photo model.

This is Ariane as a doctor, happily shaking a money pig.

This is Ariane as a doctor, sadly shaking a money pig.

This is Ariane, completely gobsmacked over something undoubtedly awesome.

This is Ariane gesturing toward something she unreservedly endorses.

This is Ariane prefering a funny guy over an attractive guy.

Brief tangent — excerpt from that "Rappler" article:
MANILA, Philiipines – In choosing a romantic interest, ask a Filipino if he or she would pick one who has a sense of humor or one who has good looks. The Pinoy will choose somebody who makes him or her laugh, hands down.

A survey released by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) in time for Valentine's Day reveals that almost all Filipino adults – 90% – prefer a person with a good sense of humor even if he or she is unattractive.


A total of 91% of respondents in rural areas and 89% in urban areas chose good sense of humor more than looks.

More women prefer humor over looks, with 94% of women respondents prefering funny guys over the handsome ones.

Among males, 86% choose funny girls over pretty women.
I'm *pretty* sure those men aren't looking for women to "date". I'd hazard to say these men are just looking for a few laughs with a sassy girl before pairing off with each other when the club shuts down. Just my guess.

Anyway, Ariane is a mixed-race Canadian stock photo model who won't reveal her surname.

This is an Ariane tumblr.

This is an Ariane Facebook page.


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