Sunday, January 26, 2014

About the other night...

Before I begin, this is directed to the long-time lurkers: have you noticed how terrible the updates to this blog have been? The self-editing has become almost crippling. You can blame the excessive caution on a few bad apples. And along those lines, you may despise the obliqueness of this latest entry.

I'm sure a few of you are very curious about how Friday night went off.

Friday night was the wrap party for the day job I'm currently on (FYI).

I had a few goals I'd set for myself for this wrap party that I didn't reveal to everyone.

The night started off negatively. Without going into details, I came to the realization that I may have to end a friendship. Some people lack a certain degree of emotional intelligence and there's an infamous limit to my patience.

The anger I harbored during the earlier end of the evening, in its own way, served to alleviate some anxiety.

The wrap party itself was its own challenge.

This was only the second wrap party I'd ever been to. But it's always a high school affair. People tend to stay within their own cliques, which can make it difficult to break new ground.

Celebrities? Channing made an appearance. I walked past Clive, as well. A number of the other actors in the show.


I had one, brief exchange with Soderbergh. It was difficult to infiltrate the celebrity bubble. It was a terrible place to try to have a meaningful conversation. It was a fucking bowling alley. He was fucking bowling when I screwed up the brass balls to shove my way into his inner circle, uninvited, and introduce myself.

I didn't even properly introduce myself. Which is to say, I didn't say that I'm a writer and etc. I kept it, pointedly, curt.

I told him that I worked in his accounting department. I told him that I liked this (relatively) obscure film that he made a long time ago. He thanked me profusely. We shook hands. I exited.

So I technically talked to him even though I didn't talk to him as thoroughly as I needed to. I kind of threw it away. And I've been in a self-flagellating mode all weekend, but I made a judgement call in the moment.

Current gig ends in a few weeks. Self-created deadline to send my connection @ Fox something by the end of this upcoming week.


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