Friday, August 09, 2013

All Bad Things Must Come to an End

Final 8-episode run of BREAKING BAD begins this Sunday night. It has been an excruciating year-long wait.

If this were being released on Netflix, I'd binge the entire 8 hours this weekend. Alas, the final episodes will be parceled out in a traditional weekly manner, into September. (And then, at last, I can end it all.)

A certain dread comes with the approach to the finale. Many shows fail to stick the landing. I guess I'm more optimistic/hopeful with this because they've had such strong season finales, I want to believe they've built a path to the series finale that is appropriately awesome. One that strengthens the show as a whole. One that'll make you want to rewatch the entire run.

In any case, don't bother me for the next 8 Sunday nights...


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