Friday, August 02, 2013

Dream Fragment

Fragment of an odd dream, recalled like a sudden flashback about half an hour after waking up:

Mom and I are riding in a cab... that's driving along the edge of a rooftop for some reason. Literally, half the car hanging over the edge of a building's rooftop in the city. (Some city, somewhere.) There's a safe way to get down to street level but the cabbie instead just floors it and we plummet two or three stories to the ground. We're all okay, it isn't as bad as it could have been (had it happened in real life, and not using dream world physics), but I'm pissed off. I start chastising the guy as we're closing out. He's profusely apologetic, but also inept. I gave him a $20 and he hands me all these quarters for change. "I'm sorry, it's all I've got!"

As we're getting out of the backseat, I'm noticing how messy the car is. Some sort of mouse (wearing a suit?) jumps out, lands in my suit pocket. Then jumps out of my pocket and runs off. Then this lizard jumps out of cab and into my pants pocket. I try to get it out of my pocket, it burrows into my pants and comes out the bottom of a pant leg. Now people on the street are gawking.

As I try to get rid of it for good, it bites my hand with its toothless mouth and won't let go.

This is the start of August. 2013.


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