Monday, June 17, 2013

Who is this Clown??

The above image is taken from Dwele Oye Photography. It doesn't appear that Dwele Oye has any special relationship with this person; just another person on the street. "SexyQuinn" is given as the subject of the photo, but that may mean nothing.

Another image, from another photographer:

From the description in Flickr:
This lady was dancing around running up and down the block, hiding behind a tree, hugging random people and sitting in the floor like she own(ed) the place. It was pretty funny...
Another person who doesn't know the clown personally.

Commenters on reddit suggest it's a clown attending the Electric Daisy Carnival, which seems the most plausible, but that still doesn't get us closer to an ID.

So, internet... who is this fucking clown?

May return to this one...


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