Friday, May 31, 2013

Midnight Express, Brad Davis GIF

I lost a lot of files when my last computer crashed. I'm sure I'll appreciate it more as time goes by and I start to *need* some of those files along the way. There's still a sliver of hope that the data will be retrieved by another method, but for now I'm trying to be better about managing files in general.

I made this Brad Davis GIF a few years ago. I used it for a blog entry in which I didn't mention "Brad Davis" or "Midnight Express", so trying to *find* that GIF again involved searching through haystacks for a needle...

... which I did. Because I love procrastination projects.

After I found it, I quickly transferred the file from a dead Flickr account that I never use anymore to IMGUR, where others may more easily discover and use it.


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