Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wet Laundry on Mother's Day

In honor of my mother, I did laundry on mother's day. Bright and early on Sunday morning — 11am, nearly the crack of dawn! — you'd think the laundromat would be a veritable ghost-town, but nooOOOOoooo. Apparently, a lot of people felt like honoring their mothers through laundry today.

When my wash was complete, there were no dryers available. Instead of waiting for one, I pulled the cheapest move of all: collecting my wet laundry to air dry at home. (Hey, I get to save a few quarters!) To add insult to injury, a pretty girl started loading her laundry into the washer next to mine while I was packing up my sopping wet laundry into a bag to take home. Today, I've earned a black belt in displaying-lower-value.

Called my mom down in Florida. She and her "extended family" just finished going to church and were headed to a mall. Giggling, older Filipinas. Filipinas of a certain age. Just a quick, touch-base call. Over in 5 minutes. So now I can hurry back to completely wasting this beautiful day away...


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