Friday, May 10, 2013

Survivor Caramoan [Wednesday Episode SPOILER]

As this FANS vs FAVORITES season in the Philippines draws to a close, we bid a sobbing goodbye to the stunningly hot (and emotional) heartbreaker, Brenda Lowe.

Does it hurt, Brenda? It hurts, doesn't it...? How much does it hurt...? Show me how much it hurts...

O, how I'd like to dry those tears of unfathomable sadness...

Here's some footage of her after she got voted out. Recommended.

Brenda Arrives at the Ponderosa:

What's really interesting is that her personality seemed starkly different from the first time she played Survivor. She was pretty arrogant the first time she played. (During that Old People versus Young People season.) This season, she was far quieter. And more compassionate. She addresses that in this next video...

Brenda, The Day After:

Hopefully, we'll see Brenda and her dad on the next season of the Amazing Race, or something.

Sunday night: epic finale! Place your f'n bets...


Anonymous fedup890 said...

This entry was well, well, worth the wait. She needs to stay around 112 lbs, shes much hotter...she doesn't want to be packing on the pounds if you know what I'm sayin'

5/10/2013 08:50:00 AM  
Blogger M. Alice said...

I want to bottle her tears.

5/10/2013 12:49:00 PM  

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