Thursday, April 25, 2013

Scary Clown GIF

Apologies for a little housekeeping here. I started this blog wayyy back in 2002 and you'd think I'd have a better filing system for everything I've posted and yet, all too often, I'm unable to find things that I *know* I've posted. Like these SCARY DANCING CLOWN gifs I created from this YouTube video.

So... repost.

Here's a smaller version that's 300px in width:
And another GIF...

With its own smaller version, 300px wide:

While we're here, Misanthropy Central endorses the *proper* pronunciation of "GIF"... with a soft G, like the peanut butter. It's obnoxious that there's so much controversy over this. It's because people don't want to change the way they've been saying it, even though the creator of the fucking format pronounces it like the fucking peanut butter.

These are my most important blog entries.

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