Monday, April 22, 2013


What is "creepypasta"?

A portmanteau of “copy” & “paste” — copypasta — originated in 4chan’s Anon community some time in 2006. "Copypasta" indicates any block of text that's copied and pasted from one source to another, over and over, often to the point where quotes get misattributed. Happens a lot with inspirational and spiritual anecdotes on Facebook.

"Creepypasta" is a subgenre of copypasta, consisting of horrific short stories and urban legends.

There's one about a Russian sleep-deprivation experiment that took place in the late 1940s... The Russian Sleep Experiment. [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

No idea who the original author was. This story has, apparently, been copied and pasted and *adjusted* many times in varies places on the internet. Often with claims that the experiment actually happened. All signs point to this being fake as shit.

Here's another creepypasta about the scariest videogame ever.


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