Friday, June 07, 2013


MAGNOLIA, Philip Seymour Hoffman, GIF

Have I mentioned that I lost a lot of files when my computer crashed a few weeks ago? Have I mentioned that at all...?? I'll be trying to recover from that for the foreseeable future. These PSH GIFs from Magnolia represent a partial loss. A version of this GIF existed online but the source files were lost. Not the biggest tragedy but I've attempted to recreate and improve upon the original GIF I created —

— and tried to make more of a cinemagraph. My first attempt, using new technology. Imperfect but a start.

Speaking of the cinema, I attempted to catch up on pop culture on Wednesday. I was curious about AFTER EARTH and FAST & FURIOUS 6. I ended up watching, in order:


Totally paid for them all, of course. I just, uh... lost my ticket stubs for three of the four movies...

The verdict...? They're all kinda bad.

AFTER EARTH and HANGOVER3 were the worst of the lot. AFTER EARTH, it turns out, is a sort of Scientology parable; worse yet, it's dead boring. HANGOV3R possesses a surprising dearth of laughs and labors under the conviction that killing animals is funny. A lot of fucking animals die in THE HANGOVER PART III — seemingly just because the writers think it's comedy. Well... compensated... writers. Writers who will probably *not* have to take a non-writing job this year in order to make ends meet. I love this world. I love the entire fucking world.

FURIOUS6 is not as good/fun as FAST5, but still counts as a fairly entertaining movie that's not technically "good".

NOW YOU SEE ME is kind of a stupid movie that thinks it's a smart movie. And that certain people will probably see as a smart movie. It's fun enough to watch and I held some hope that it would find its way to a final act that would really make it come together... but no, of course it doesn't get there. Some good bits, though. Modern movies have a hard time getting "magic" right.

A day well-spent, nonetheless. You can learn as much from the bad movies as the good. Sometimes more.


GAME OF THRONES, Cersei Lannister Licks Tyrion Whilst The Kingslayer Waits a Turn, GIF.

(Not a cinemagraph but still made with new technologies. How about that last episode, huh, folks?? Funny show!!)


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