Saturday, July 14, 2012

Impractical Jokers

IMPRACTICAL JOKERS should be excruciating... but I caught a marathon of episodes last Sunday on TruTV and LMFAO'ed.

A hidden camera show where four friends force each other to do social challenges in public. They're fed live instructions via earpiece and if they refuse to do something they're told, they lose the challenge.

In Oceans of Lotion, the challenge is who can empty the most lotion onto a stranger:

Here, they play the Roommate from Hell:

Here, they have to get a stadium full of baseball fans to chant something...

This last one, they've got to try to cut the TKTS line and buy discount tickets:

Candid camera meets Jackass. As bold as they can be, they also get nervous and will also refuse to say/do something that they think crosses a line or is too mortifying/mean.

It's on TruTV, check it out.


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