Monday, November 21, 2011

Postcards from the Far Side

After a few days of denial, I am officially, legitimately under the weather. Entering extreme detox mode a few days before Thanksgiving. Not cool.

Sorry I've been away from all this. I've been tied up and preoccupied.

Some randomness. I had a strange dream last night, which is to say that all I ever have are strange dreams lately. Can't remember most of it anymore. Just fragments. In one bit, I met up with my college buddy Nick Gaffney in the city. He made some joke about how he was in the city because his old Washington Square News editor called him up and wanted him to cover the Occupy Wall Street protests. (That wasn't even the joke; it wasn't about Occupy Wall Street, I can't recall what he said he was asked to cover... I think it probably involved whatever the hell the dream concerned.)

I'm supposed to have a "general meet" with a producer at a film production company tomorrow night. I might have to load up on over-the-counter drugs. General Meets are a bit of a drag ("Hi, how are you doing?, what's your deal?, nice to meet you, bye!) , but at least this one's in person. Not that I'm currently in the best state to meet in person but you know... it's better than the phone thing.

You ever notice, people generally feel more open about talking about their hard times when it's in the past tense. Celebrities will talk about addictions and arrests and infidelities when all those things are behind them. Once they've bounced back from far side and are on the rise again. Along those lines, one day I will write about everything I've been dealing with right now. One day, when the world's a little more sorted out.

I hate that it's already Thanksgiving this week...

Hey, movie-fans. An interesting profile of adult film star James Deen. (On what it's like to be one of the handful of guys working in modern heterosexual pornography; basically, the men are referred to as "props".)

More soon.


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